Friday, 29 May 2009

BNfuckingP Again

Just read this fucking nonsense in The Drum . Christ, what is wrong with these people?

Boo bloody hoo BNP. The MEN ran a story about your racist policies, did they? Oooh, the tight bastards. That's not fair is it. It wouldn't have happened during the Blitz, would it. I mean, our grandfather's fought two World Wars so you could spread insidious hate and fear without reprisal, didn't they. What would Oswald Mosely say, or that nice Jim Davidson.

Dya know what I'd do? I'd write to all the people who advertise in the MEN and tell them not to, because the MEN is clearly an organ of the bourgeois fat-cats who make sure that thick fucking people like you and me, stay fucking thick. Cos the MEN have loads of advertisers who'd normally be sympathetic to the BNP, havent they...

Dear Ku Klux Carwash of Harpurhey,

Please be advised to stop advertising in the MEN cos it sounds like they love niggers. Alternative advertising space can be found in the Combat 18 pamphlets behind the bar of The White Lion in Stretford.


PS: Please vote for us next week.

Yeah, that'll show em, won't it. That'll teach em not to mess with the BNP. Normally I don't vote cos I'm fucking thick, but this time I can't wait to vote - I can't wait for the BNP to win! Then there'll be fucking Spitfire's overhead every night and no more Pakis at tea-parties.

Did I mention the fact I was thick as fucking shit?


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