Wednesday, 13 May 2009

No! Stalgia

Well, then. Ahem. It seems I have an apology to make.

That post I did yesterday - the one about Soundgarden? Well, we're gonna have to disallow it.

Nostalgia on the internet is RIGHT OUT from now on, cos nostalgia is about "curation" and not "criticism," apparently. Which means it's an act of simply logging or checking something, rather than engaging with it and measuring it. Erm... and that's ultimately quite pointless and shallow, ok?

So, bad news for my self-indulgent blogpost.

I just hope they extend the same rule to TV. Then I won't have to watch any more commercials with fucking A-Team or Ghostbusters references in em, you dismal fucking bastards. You're meant to be "Creatives" for Christsake, aren't you!? Briefs get sent to the "Creative Dept."- yeah?- not the fucking "Recollections Office"...

Oh, and and one more thing: Which cockwit's responsible for the new Virgin Trains ad? The one where the working-man Everygeek has to write a presentation last-minute, but he's A-OK cos he's in First Class - he can work on the train! Cue "hilarious" fantasy sequence played out to "Final Countdown" (more nostalgia), which is all fair enough and good-hearted... until the endline: "Where do you want to be?" Where do I want to be!? Erm... NOT IN FUCKING WORK, perhaps? Pissed in Euston station? Banging a hostess in the disabled loos? Anywhere except work, to be honest wth you mate. First fucking Class or not.

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