Friday, 8 May 2009

10 Imaginary Agencies

1. Mogodon (a tiny PR firm in Cheshire )

2. e-Schwirpes (digital - shit websites for local business. Named after owner)

3. V. (integrated bollocks)

4. Wallop (crap design agency in Liverpool/Sheffield)

5. Jungle Panda (Pee-Yar again. Anything named after an animal is always shit)

6. Dirt (wanky design collective with no office)

7. Kingdom Come (integrated London agency that had an amazing reputation about 10 years ago)

8. Thrust (DM, BTL stuff somewhere out of town)

9. Hello Humans (small Londonish agency who're up their own arses)

10 Trifle (packaging design, POS and thin catalogues)


that french saying said...

Which one are you pretending to work for this week?

I'd try that Panda one, sounds alright to me.

John said...

I'd quite like to work for "Hello Humans" just so I can phone them (chasing a pretend invoice)to have them say it and sound like an alien dictator.

I don't think I'd EVER get tired of doing that.

I think you should pretend to do a work placement at "Kingdom Come" and blog about it