Friday, 8 May 2009


Man pretending to be dead, yesterday

"Social Media Is a Double Edged Sword" apparently. Seems that some people aren't using it exactly how us marketing-tarts would like. I mean, can you believe it!? People having the audacity to just MAKE SHIT UP FOR THEMSELVES and post it on the internet! It's outrageous!

And just look at this (brilliant) article - people PRETENDING they're dying to get sympathy, and attention!? Well, I've never been so...

So what? So naive? So daft enough to think the internet is filled with nothing but goodwill and honesty? Don't be a dick.

Because Facebook and Web.2.0 have become some sort of loony evangelical church mission for advertising people, we all seem to have swallowed this romanticised notion of the internet where everyone/everything is safe and lovely and happy and friendly. But it's bollocks! The internet is/was/still the murky, apocryphal, sleazy, exotic, and (let's face it) not-entirely-honest place it's always been. Being on Facebook is a bit like walking around one of those gated communites in Florida, where everyone waves and smiles at you for no good reason. It all feels inclusive, but it's entirely selfish; not to mention eerie, and ever so slightly suspect. Yes, Facebook is doubtless a full-blown, recognisable "community" -but well... so was Waco.

So a great big baby big boo-hoo-hoo! to all those ad people who got bitten on the arse by some web content. For all our virals, vodcasts, and iApps, it seems the internet's still only good for one thing: wanking.

(In fact, I've just had a cracking wank. Think I'll go and Twitter about it...)

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