Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Dear Blog reader,

Thank you for choosing Content Flavoured Trousers.

Whilst many of the views, opinions, ropey ideas, meaningless dialogues, flights of fancy, pictures of cocks, tits, arses and swear words expressed and displayed here are indeed the work of the author, Content Flavoured Trousers contains a great deal that is apocryphal, loosely satirical, spontaneous, insubstantial, and generally best taken with a pinch of salt (incuding this disclaimer). Whilst it is the author's sole intention that these works titilate any audience they find, the random nature of these outbursts however belies the very serious purpose of this weblog.

Content Flavoured Trousers is first and foremost about writing, both as a framework and vehicle for creative endeavour. It is a gymnasium, workshop and research centre all in one, for that most put-upon cornerstone of the communication industry... the written word.

The author sincerely urges readers not to forget or overlook this.

We will now return you to the swearing-dicks and arse-rants.

Content Flavoured Trousers

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