Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Drawing The Same Conclusions

What's with all these ads with bloody smeary-doodly-drawings in them at the moment? Have we all gone "molest a surface" crazy since the iPhone or something?

Here's Twining's latest sand-frotting thing:

And here's BMW's painty-splash skidmark floor-wipe shite:

And I'm sure I've seen another sand or light thing somewhere too?

Fuck the creatives. We'll Just get the client to do some brass-rubbings or something, yeah. WTF?

1 comment:

John said...

Ah ha! Yes, some more surface frottage in Honda's shiney-winey LED winking-bank gubbins. Knew I'd seen it somewhere

Looks like that post-Etch-A-Sketch 80s drawing game where you poke holes in a grid with lights under it to make blinky-winky piccy-wics awwwww.

MagnaDoodle anyone?

Love the blog btw, John!