Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Stop it, Ken! - Ooff!

Lots of people blogging about Yorkshire Tea's new ad featuring John Shuttleworth. And a lot of people all seem to be saying the same things...

So a big congratulations to all the planners who don't work for BMB but also (correctly) identified that having a cup of tea is all about having a rest. Well done, guys. Without that kind of ruthless, murderous insight the sun'd surely still be orbiting our flat and shitty Earth.

I'll leave you all to your self-congratulatory nodding with some more devastating consumer insight from the man himself... Enjoy.

NOTE: Whilst I can heartily recommend everything John Shuttleworth's ever done, die-hard fans should dig out a Shuttleworth rarity called "Blue John" - Graham Fellows' demo disc for BBC Radio. Much darker and stranger than the Shuttleworth's we know today. Superb.

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