Friday, 26 June 2009


Dre's hurt his hoof an old clarinet so really busy here at the donkey sanctuary. I've absolutely no complaints about that, though it does mean blog-posts will be punchy and succinct. Like Dave Trott but with proper punctuation.

So, I'll start with a picture of Jon Robb.

Why? Because he's from Manchester and shits on about the North all the time. North this, North that, North this that and the other he goes all day long like some retarded provincial housewife, clinging to his past as it goes over a waterfall... weeeeee! Poor fucker.

Anyway, the crux of Jon's wreckless (and fucking irritating) nostalgia is the loss of his precious Manchester "scene". Was there/wasn't there ever a Manchester scene for Jon Robb to participate in? I don't really know or care to be honest. However, I do care about Manchester having some sort of "creative scene". And I don't just mean hanging round the Northern Quarter with preposterous facial hair and a fucking beret.

No, I'm talking about blogs. All the bloody ad blogs I read are in London. Everyone's got one!Why aren't there more sweary, self-indulgent (Northern) blogs like this one? Why aren't there more Northern blogs full stop? If this were the BBC they'd be demanding to hear Asian and disabled "voices" too. And I don't mean people's portfolios disguised as blogs. I mean proper blogs with personalities and opinions.

I know regionalism's pathetic and reactionary, and that Jon Robb's what you might call a "shite supremecist", but I'm tired of reading about fucking Shoreditch all the time.

And so's my man, Dre. And he's donkey for Christsake.

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