Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Found A Job

Fate's a fickle fucker isn't he. Just when you think the chips are down, he throws you a [insert gambling metaphor] and you're back in the game. Which means that for the time being, I can juuuust about afford to blog for a little while longer. Phew.

After last week's shock announcement that I'd be taking a break from blogging to get my career and domestic shit together, I was inundated with literally thousands of tens of dozens of work offers. Seriously. I was knocking 'em back with the shittiest stick I could muster. So, to all people who offered me their support, I say "10,000 thank yous" (which is at least 1 to all of you) and a further 8.5million sorries to the 9million people whose job offers I had to turn down (500,000 of you were recruitment agents).

So whose temporary job offer did I actually take in the end?

Well, it turned out that wanking off the Yardies was excellent money (piece work), but dreadful hours. Likewise, Fallon begged me to be their head of copy but in the economic downturn I just didn't think it'd be a stable enough position. If I'm gonna work in advertising, I want to have a future in it after all.

So, after lots of chin-scratching, weighing up the pros and cons, worrying how these things are gonna look my CV etc. I decided that until things pick-up and I can work in a good agency doing some great, award-winning stuff, I'll take a temporary job... at the animal sanctuary. Which means that for the time being, this blog will be less about advertising and more about my new job: donkey rehab.

This is my new workmate, Dr. Dre. He's got a gammy hip amongst other things. It's my job to walk him up and down the exercise pit between two watermelons. After 100 repetitions I let him eat one of the melons. This is to strengthen his resolve pending his release back into the wild. It's tedious (some would say futile) work, but I keep my hand in my reading him Creative Review.

Seems Dre loves fonts!

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