Saturday, 6 June 2009

Kids Of Today

Saturday morning's all about kid's telly aint it. Spiderman, Ben Ten, that "In the Night Garden" thing. Maybe your kids are knelt infront of the telly right now?

Well, flick the remote and gather 'em round the PC. Tell them Uncle John's got a cartoon for them to watch. It's a little video by The Residents (remember them?) and it kinda reminded me of The Klangers (meets Eraserhead). And kids love The Klangers, don't they...

Oh. You don't like it? Please don't cry. Don't you like industrial synthesisers and performance art..?

Well the avant-garde was all we had when I was your age. There was none of this mainstream CBeebies muck. We had to go to fancy-dress parties as Ubu Roi, not bloody Spiderman or Power Rangers. And as for Toy Story and Pixar - it was all Derek Jarman and Ken Russell in my day!

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