Thursday, 11 June 2009

Was gonna write about wanky 80s TV ads for ages but Scamp used to do all that before he blew his brains out. Anyway, do you remember the 80s?

Yeah, I do thanks. And it mostly felt like this.

Was it the same for you? Here, you have a go.

Evidently, THIS commercial...

... ran for 14 YEARS!!!! That's 14 WHOLE years of this...

followed by even more of THAT!

And yet, whilst writing this post, I've somehow only managed to watch "it" (by which I mean this...)

...all the way through 3 times, without first feeling a bit queasy...

... then a bit lost...

... and finally completey, and utterly suicidal. I feel so empty... so lonely by the end. I want to shed a single, pathetic tear like the woman does and then stick my head under that bloody stupid sword.

Christ, no wonder I was 22 before I even tried Turkish Delight.

Come on, let's have some Prozac and watch it again. Just don't leave me by myself, ok?

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