Friday, 31 July 2009

I Am a Monster

A brief report on W+K's Platform event is now up on their blog.

Regular readers will recall how I was unable to apply for Platform after being ensnared in an existential feedback-loop.

Nevertheless, Elena Negrescu from Romania (who did apply and attend) had this to say about it:

"This was my first international experience in advertising with a really involving process and I can say now, when I have time to look back and draw some conclusions, that this kind of experiences is really the answer to how to keep a balance between personal development and team work. Because I think this kind of multicultural team effort has a lot to do with my personal development and it is often the missing part of what I call creative education. I wish there was an open day every single week :)Thanks again and looking forward to seeing how the Platform grows, step by step."

Assuming that they do have sarcasm in Romania, may I just take this opportunity to say - ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, mum and dad - I AM SORRY! Sorry, that I will never, ever be able to say anything so arse-stranglingly, mind-fuckingly diplomatic, sycophantic, poe-faced and weird ever in all my life. Ever! I am a beast. A wretched, honest, animal who should be destroyed forthwith.

(Or at least never be allowed to go to London again).

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