Friday, 31 July 2009

10 Females I Fancied Between the Age of 12-15

1. Juliana Hatfield (still cute but at greater distances)

2. Marijne van der Vlugt (remember her off MTV Europe? - foreign girls always made me feel "funny" back then)

3. Amanda de Cadenet (a chunky mum-pig now though)

4. Dani Behr (she was blonde and on televsion. That was the only criteria)

5. Winona Ryder (I think just because everyone else did)

6. The original blonde one off Baywatch before they invented Pamela Anderson

7. Michelle Pfeiffer (I was classy me)

8. Lara Flynn Boyle in Twin Peaks (she looked mucky)

9. Jenny McCarthy (who was mucky)

10. Betty Boothroyd (not actually true, but at that age I'd've shagged a slow puncture)

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