Wednesday, 1 July 2009

10 Imaginary Ad Campaigns I'm Really Enjoying and Subsequently Blogging About

1. The new teaser ads for Stigma biscuits (must be the best product launch ever)

2. Heinz "Werewolves" (blood and guts made from spaghetti/beans and sausages!? Why didn't I think of that!?)

3. Dulux "Watching paint dry" microsite

4. (that talking cartoon genital really keeps the brand feeling fresh)

5. The launch of Cynical Smoothies (Great use of copy: "Yeah, we're a rip-off. But so what, it's a free market. We're loads cheaper, mate. You wanna drink that hippy stuff, go ahead.")

6. 118-118 doing a variation of Paul Simon's "Call Me Al" video (actually, I'm not enjoying this at all cos I thought it was inevitable)

7. Lurpak "spreading themselves" around Facebook

8. Those invisible Optrex ads

9. That Coca-Cola ad that looks (unintentionally?) like a sexy, Mormon utopia

10. That Legoland/Lego men "flashmob"appearing overnight on the floor of the Turner Room at the National Gallery.

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