Wednesday, 15 July 2009

How Many Ways Can You Say The Same Thing?

Just read that "Keep Britain Tidy" (formally ENCAMS, now "Keep Britain Tidy" once again) are putting together a new roster of agencies.

Thought I'd come up with a few lines for 'em...

Please Keep Britain Tidy

Please Keep Brian Tidy

Keep Britten Tiny!! (featuring Fern Britten)

Please Tidy Britain

Please Pick That Up

Please, Please Can You Pick That Up Please

Pick That Up Please

Oi, Pick That Up

Don't Leave That There (Please)

Please Don't Do That In Britain

Is Britain Tidy?

Britain: Leave It As You Found It

Clear Up or Clear Orf! (featuring Nick Griffin)

A Tidy Desk Is A Tidy Mind (featuring desk shaped like British Isles)

We Don't Like Foreign Muck (Nick Griffin again)

Muck A Do About Something
(featuring Shakespeare, who's British yeah)

The British Piles (of rubbish)

UK - The Untidied Kingdom (fucking genius!)

Shall I go on?

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