Monday, 13 July 2009

Make The Logo Bitter

PSFK. It's called that because that's the sound people make when they read it - "psfk!"

Anyway, I bumped into this on it this morning, which made me go "ooah" for a change.

Some designer dude appears to share my appreciation for vernacular advertising. Though being a designer he's had to have his tuppence worth, re-interpreting flyers for local services, car boot sales and the like as professionally rendered communications.

It's a cute idea but I'm not sure as a purist I agree with his meddling. The beauty of "folk marketing" is that it's the crap fonts, badly chosen images, and rough edges that give them their charm. They're not just ads. They're glimpses into people's lives.

For example, there's a guy in our village who offers a "Football Troubleshooting" service to kids aged 11-19. The A4 handmade poster he displays in the local chip shop is an attempt to detail his coaching qualifications, but actually reads like a embittered eulogy to his failed career as a professional footballer.

There are some things multi-million pound marketing budgets just can't buy. For this, there is Comic Sans and ClipArt.

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