Monday, 3 August 2009

Ooh, get you!

Morning everyone.

Right, first question: Who were those two tetchy advertising men on Top Gear last night? I missed the first part. Was it the blokes behind that VW "holocaust denial" campaign? I know Clarkson can wind people up, but Christ, it was was like a sulking contest in a moody French film with grumpy subtitles and everything. What was their fucking problem, anyway? Let me guess. Was it because James and Jeremy weren't taking them seriously? Oh, boo bloody hoo. I can't believe they even signed the release form. What a pair of horrible, humourless fucking cunts.

So today's second question is: How many horrible, humourless fucking cunts are there in your agency this morning?

(At 8.07am, it's just me at the minute).

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