Thursday, 13 August 2009

Anti-Social Networking

Ok, not a very original title for a post BUT...

I've just seen a gang of lads having a bit of banter with a particularly attractive young lady touting for the RSPCA in the middle of town.

Further up the road I spotted a delightfully freakish performance at the baked potato van off Market St. when one of the women behind the counter opened her gob and had a really fucking silly voice that made the whole scene feel like some weird man-size Punch & Judy show.

Is there anybody out there using Twitter to organise ogling (or gang rape?) yet? ("@Psutlciffe: big tits outside Boots 2mins ago"). Or to be no less voyeuristic but slightly more philanthropic, to divert the public away from lunatics? ("@Whitecoat: God botherer gone fucking schizo in Ox. Rd. MaccyD's 10 mins ago").

I'm surprised Heat Magazine or papparazzi don't use it to stalk soap stars.


lauren said...

i always thought that a good money-earner would be be an XXX-rated twitter: subscribe to 140 characters of sexy filth.

"@crazy_sexy_cool i'm rubbing my inner thigh across your chin".. or something. heh.

John said...

I haven't seen your inner thighs Lauren (such are the limits of the internet), but I have to admit it worked for me mate! How much do you charge a Tweet? (had to be very careful what I said then)