Monday, 3 August 2009

Please Mind The Goths

Every year, thousands of people lose their way on the London Underground. Thousands more simply lose the will to live.

But thanks to the ingenious Mr. Dan Zambonini, you can turn the baffling and de-humanising process of navigating the capitol into an exciting and rewarding, socio-cultural mystery tour! (Or maybe that's just for me?) Anyway, finally you can actually find Tate Modern without having to shatter the icey silence of nervous commuters, or locate decent food without dealing with moody bloody cabbies. All the places and people of interest are featured at their respective stations. And if you know of your own, just give Dan a heads up.

Isn't design helpful.


Pieman said...

This site used to be full of bitter, angry views on the world. Now it's all like... ooo... isn't this a nice bit of design, and oooo.... look here's a nice trailer for a geeky movie and a nice book by someone who's really clever. Where's all the hate gone, John? What's happened?

John said...

Oh, Pieman. Your comments are like, soooooo adorable!