Thursday, 13 August 2009

Please Vote For Me

Everybody's favourite and most morbidly fascinating trade-mag The Drum are compiling their "Power 100" of the most influential (and morbidly fascinating) people in marketing. London doesn't count (theirs is called The Saxophone or something gay) which means ANY of us are in with a chance of getting in.


Go on. It'll be a laugh. Reasons for nominating me could be (for example) "John writes an obscure blog which very occasionally makes me smile thinly, which is as near to fun as I get in my obscure marketing career which I'm compelled to take absurdly seriously by reading The Drum."

Or heck, why not invent your own reasons!? Some of you might even have obscure creative careers in marketing, so I'm sure you lot can all go fucking mental with this kind of shit.

See you at The Hilton or somewhere no doubt (it's usually there). Cheers guys.

Vote your tits off for me here please.

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