Friday, 26 March 2010

Stu-do n'ts

Did you see what I did there - with my shitty little pun? Well, I can do that sort of thing you see, because I already have the privelege of working in advertising as a copywriter. Unlike the throng of poor young turks at the MPA Student Roses Creativity Awards last night, who all queued, hoped, and prayed for a real life (half-cut and knackered) advertising person like me to shake them firmly by the kitten-soft, immature paw and tell them that yes - that really is the most creative, inspiring and astonishing response to an unlikely, recondite, and wide open brief I have ever seen. How did you achieve such a startlingly original leap of the imagination? You simply must meet my (half-cut and knackered)advertising colleagues and friends. I so hope the (half-cut and knackered) man from The Drum mutters your name into a microphone in a hurried, off-hand kind of way, so that we can all get on with crawling around on our hands and fucking knees trying to peer at the majority of the work which they've displayed at foot-height on those flimsy, awkward looking pinboards teetering against the walls over there. It's just so great to see that it means as much to the organisers as it does to the students involved. I mean - imagine- having a big chance like this, to stand out infront of all these people, and seeing the work you slaved over and grappled with for weeks, (maybe even months) stuck up somewhere dreary, haphazard and obscure.

Just like being a real advertising creative, eh.

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