Monday, 15 March 2010

News from The Drum: Dove of peace appeases tetchy agency MD

The Drum's scandal correspondent: LL Cool J

A shimmering white dove has been released from the roof The Drum's head office as a mark of respect to the MD who got all arsey and self-righeous after hundreds of anonymous comments on The Drum's website told him exactly what people thought of his work last week.

Timothy Gedge of Cloud Kuckoo Creative, Stockport, proudly revealed his agency's horrible new ad for some dog food last week, only for it to be met with widespread hatred in The Drum's comments section. After dozens of anonymous creatives responded openly and honestly to both the awful creative and the pompous, posturing press release that accompanied it, Gedge felt compelled to write a futile and embarassing rebuttal of his critics, saying:

"Who are you all you faceless cowards? This is so unfair! Whatever happened to The Drum's core values of erm - quality and integrity!? If I knew who you all were, I'd have you all sacked for making me look like the fucking idiot I obviously am. You shouldn't be allowed to know that though. My clients should be judge of my work. Not you. Which is why I posted this in The Drum - for my client to see it. Obviously."

As a gesture of goodwill, and in the spirit of The Drum's core values of quality, integrity, and all that, a dove of peace was released at 2pm this afternoon as a mark of respect for all the tin-pot agencies naive enough to think we should give a fuck about them.

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