Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How Advertising Works - Part 2

CLIENT: This apple we asked you for. It's great. But now we want a top hat instead.


CLIENT: If I email it to you, can you swap it?

AGENCY: Email an apple?

CLIENT: (Suddenly angry)Look, I don't have time for this. I'll speak to [someone you've never heard of] and see how we can sort this shit out.


CLIENT: Hi. This top hat. We don't need it. Think we should have an apple instead.


CLIENT: Can you email me a copy of the apple?


CLIENT: I need a new version of the apple. Don't worry. There's no changes. We just need a copy of it for our records. If I give you the apple, can you write "No. 1" on it and give it me back?

AGENCY: Can't you do it yourself?

CLIENT: I could. But it's easier if we do it by email.

AGENCY: But - you can't email... apples...

CLIENT: I know. But we need it doing. [Someone you've never heard of] insists.

AGENCY: Can't you just pretend it says "No. 1" on it?

CLIENT: I could. But [Someone you've never heard of] just won't get it. They won't see it's meant to be the "No. 1 Apple".

AGENCY: What the fuck is the No. 1 Apple?

CLIENT: That's the campaign we're running. Isn't it?

AGENCY: Er... I think you've got us mixed up with something else all together.

CLIENT: No. No. You showed me a script about half price sausages and I said yeah - can I have an apple? and you said, yeah, whatever. So where's my fucking apple then?

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