Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Calls of Duty

It's a fact. Designers have logos. Writers have calls to action. One is forever being made bigger. The other is forever being, well... made. Like a repeated blow to the skull, the Amateur Rules for Clients and Dicks stipulate that all copy must follow the formula "Call to action, call to action, call to action, call to action, call to action (underscore)!!!!!"

Here are some of my favourite calls to action.

"Buy it now."

"Click here."

"Call in today."

"Visit www.myuglyurl.com"

"Must end soon"

"Ask your stylist for details"

Please note however. As a general rule, the call to action should go at the END of the ad. Putting it at the beginning is a bit like a red setter that spunks all over your leg the moment you walk into a room. Yes, it's explicit. But it's also very, very unpleasant.

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