Thursday, 18 March 2010

Lovely Stuff

Advertising's horrible sometimes, isn't it. Like a shit, expensive butty bought from a service station, made without love, thought, or even butter sometimes. It's there to take advantage of a captive audience. Period. And sometimes ladies and gentlemen, as a writer, I have to make those shit sandwiches. Day in. Day out. In dirty kitchens, just to make ends meet.

But once in a while, you get to make lovely stuff. Stuff that looks great and tastes great. Something that's sweet and perfect. That people really like, want to use and come back to. Like a battenburg cake!

And that's the difference between a shit advertising job, and a delicious design or even a digital job. You're creating a treat. A little extra that brightens someone's day. They might not neccessarily want it or need it, but they'll always be grateful for it.

Shit agencies are like caterers. Great ones are like confectioners. It's about time we all stopped bombarding people with shit butties, and made 'em all little treats instead. People'd like us a lot more for a start.

I love a good battenburg, I do.

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Leon said...

We do like to trot it out. Ugh.