Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Word From Our Leader

Hi there.

I'm Simian Gladtrees, Executive Creative Chairman of Snatch London, part of the WpPP/Bang network.

We're an awards ridden multi-dimensional brandvertising digi-plinarian and creative consultant consultancy.

Here at Snatch, we've always believed that effective advertising comes through communicating multi-platformed brand essences through a shifting lens of challengingly diverse network strategies. Only by scrutinsing the specific spectrum of our client's understanding can we commnicate the production of heavily tailored solution methods with the broadest possible pallette of synergies.

MyBook and FaceBlog have revolutionised the way that brands interfere with peoples lives. Advertising's no longer about speaking to consumers. It's about consuming the speaker through a whole range of transsubstantiated media gantries - mobile themed search-engines and wifi gestures; ambient networks and eugenics. In short: we need to feed the media pony.

Only by distressing the competition can we disquiet the market and successfully out-warp the future.

Simian Gladtrees ECC

Here's to the future.... The last one there's a bender!

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