Thursday, 18 September 2008

Why No One Reads My Blog

This 'ere is Scamp's blog - the most popular advertising blog in the whole flippin world nearly. If your into ads and shit, it's where to hang out. It's got advice, opinions, insights. It's essential.

Oh, and it's completely biased towards above the line work. So if your precious enough to give a fuck about TV commercials and have cinematic pretentions, get your Michel Gondry loving ass over to Scamp's asap and join any number of febrile debates about greatest ever ads, directors and that kinda stuff. Personally, I didn't realise that that many people still cared about TV commericals, but that's obviously where I've been going wrong. I mean, I thought we were all meant to be new media digi-shit and anything in between. But no, received opinion is that big dumb TV ads are still the pinnacle of a creative's career.

But what the fuck do I know? Who am I again? Wake up and smell the Cadbury gorilla, John. Writing!? What dya think this is, the 1930's? Duh! No one fucking reads anything any more, mate. Has no one ever told you "we're visual beings*". People see petrol swirling on top of a puddle and think it's the telly these days. If you can't look at it or put your cock in it, no one's interested.

Fucking words, eh? Pah! You should be ashamed of yourself boy. Go and sit in the corner and wait for Scamp to track your link back and bollock you or something.

* Note to planners: this is known as "scopophila" - the love of looking. Put that in your Malcolm fucking Gladwell and smoke it.

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