Thursday, 11 September 2008

Does Humour Belong In Advertising?

Well? Does it? Hm? Does it?

No, 'course it bloody doesn't. Advertising's about making as much money for your client as possible. It is a grave and sombre matter indeed. Terminal, in fact. Which explains why many agencies' premises have the look and feel of a children's ward; decorated with bright, friendly colours and soft, tactile furniture. We put up posters, and play our favourite music; we have toys and teddies at our desks to comfort us. And if there isn't a PS3 or sandpit in the agency there's almost certainly a football table. (We'll all be coming to work in our dressing gowns soon). And this is as much to keep us calm and comfortable as it is the clients. You think when people visit they want to see you anxious and distressed? No! They want to see you playing Halo 3 with the Creative Director.

- Will I be going home soon? I miss my friends.
- Oh, soon enough little Johnny. Soon enough. Just as soon as that artwork's healed.

So. The next time you see a Winnie The Pooh painted on the inside of a window, don't think "paediatric hospital", think "creative agency".

ABOVE: Agency life. Creatives and acount handlers working together.

BELOW: Crisis meeting between a client and creative director.

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