Monday, 22 September 2008


I couldn't be bothered thinking of a title for this post, so I just made one up, ok? Good.

Right, I just wanted to say a few words about this man:

His name is Robert Hughes, and he's a full-time art critic and part-time hero of mine (I have other heroes unfortunately, so I had to cut his hours).

I first discovered Robert Hughes when I was a young A-Level art twat, and read his book, The Shock Of The New, which remains the definitive history and handbook to modern art. Hughes' formidable intellect and wit made a big impression on me, and I subsequently devoured his book American Visions and was glued to his TV series Beyond The Fatal Shore, a scathing but poignant history of his native Australia. Nowadays he looks like a completely fucked Albert Finney and I imagine he wreaks of port. But don't let that curmudgeonly scowl fool you. No, Robert Hughes is one of the coolest people on the planet in fact. He once caught the clap off Jimi Hendrix (via his wife I might add) and quipped that his VD lasted longer than Jimi's career.

Anyway, Hughes was on TV last night for the first time in ages, condemning the current art market and the likes of that disgusting Damien Hirst auction. Needless to say it was fucking brilliant, so if you get chance, go and watch it again on the C4 website gubbins.

So there you go. Bob Hughes. Legend.

Got it?

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