Friday, 12 September 2008

Random Sketch

I dunno, maybe Greenpeace could use this or something...

[Two teenage girls on the phone. Split screen]

- Hello?
- Hi babes. It's me.
- Hey you.
- Listen. Just a quick one. Just wondered if you were coming to The Precinct tonight? Mark's gonna be there. And he's bringing his mate... the sack of coal.
- Oh my god! The sack of coal!? He's gorgeous.
- I know. And apparently his mate said he really likes you.
- You're kidding!? No way. A sack of coal doesn't fancy me..?
- Why not?
- Oh god he's so fucking lush though.
- I know . Don't tell Debbie though.
- Why not?
- Well, cos she's been after a sack of coal for -like- ages.
- Debbie's a fucking slag. She'd never go out with a a sack of coal!
- So you coming out then?
- Fuck yeah. Oh, god what should I wear though?
- Anything as long as it's not white.
- Yeah, you're right. He's meant to be a right dirty bastard.

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