Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Shitting In Christ's Eyes (and other news)

I like headlines today. That one popped into my head as I was walking up the street during my lunch moment at the donkey sanctuary. Subsequently, I imagined a whole newspaper full of stuff, because I'm inacapable of doing any other work today due to a constipated brain. I thought it would be helpful to force some material out the other end and on to my blog (here).

The main part of my imagined newspaper was a section called "Public Forecast" which went something like this:

General Public Forecast for Manchester UK 16/09/09: Strong facial disfigurement with a prevailing hare lip, followed by intermittent Chinese girls in leather tights. Hippies in the North. Overnight gays and trendies, with patches of tramps clearing by dawn.

Then I arrived back and the donkey sanctuary. Still constipated.

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