Monday, 28 September 2009

More cheeky Drum fun: "Sim to Fight Evil Self in Scrap Yard Like Superman 3"

The Drum's Alistair "Oh, him" Sim Correspondent: Harry Glans

Devisive industry personality Alistair Sim today unveiled plans to twat himself in a bare-knuckle junkyard brawl like on Superman 3.

In a swanky press-conference at Urbis, the Nice Sim told the Earth: "The brief was simple - to somehow embody the (alleged) evil within me and publicly destroy it, along with any inferred press speculation that I might have been a bit of a cunt."

At the time of going to press, Sim's evil side was unavailabable for comment, swigging neat whiskey from a bottle, and snorting coke off a placement's portfolio. Allegedly.

Nice Sim told The Drum: "The plan is to use a magnet to pick the evil me up by the glasses and hurl him into a car-crusher." Meanwhile, an Evil Sim insider told us he intended to just "drop an engine on his head". Nice Sim went on: "For someone as affable and timid as I am, I'm gonna have to look pretty deep within myself to find the strength and courage to kick the fucking shit out of someone as close as to me as I am." Allegedly.

Happier times. Hasgrove Group board members (L to R), Dim, Sim, Blim, and Tim

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