Thursday, 3 September 2009

Planning Masterclass

Whatever the strategy, whatever your market, always ask yourself: is your brand like a vole?

- Is your brand soft and appealing to most people?
- Is your brand fast and nimble and makes people jump when they see it?
- Is your brand different enough from mice and rats to survive in the overcrowded rodent market?
- Does your brand have teeth and claws?
- Does your brand have excellent hearing to listen to its audience?
- Does your brand have a tail?

Why brands are like olives.
Why brands are like cloaks.
Why brands are like dulcimers.
Why brands are like sausages.
Why brands are like metaphors.


Pieman said...

Bob Geldof's band was almost exactly like a vole.

John said...

Ha ha is that a clue from The Times crossword? I can do the shitty Guardian ones but those cryptic ones are solid.

How many letters is it?