Tuesday, 22 September 2009

More news from The Drum: Greater Manchester Police launches viral about dangers of line-dancing

North West Correspondent, Buster Christ

With the line-dancing season upon us, GMP have launched a new viral video targetting thick people vulnerable to the dangers of line-dancing. The campaign (created by TBWA/Mongchester) cost "well over £3000" and will be internetted across the web and mobiles.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said "I hate line-dancing. Every year, we see more and more vulnerable people subjected to this horrible, degrading pursuit. It's grotesque, foolish, and it has to stop." Last year GMP wasted nearly 3.5hours of police time dealing with drunk women in cowboy hats outside church halls. The hard-hitting viral is the first in a number of digtal campaigns planned by GMP, who have allocated £12m for marketing this year. With the raping season fast approaching, GMP are currently develping a number of flash games aimed at serial sex offenders and nonces.

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