Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Play's the Thingy

Went to watch this at the weekend (does one "watch" a play or "see" a play?)

Anyway, like most theatre it was all right. Ok. A nice change.
I don't go to the theatre all that often because I mostly find it embarassing watching people trying to pretend in public. Particularly young people, who tend to shout a lot more and are more pretentious. Older actors tend to have a bit more dignity (just as most old people do) so that isn't quite as painful to witness, as long as you're use to seeing your dad drunk from time to time. More interesting was watching the kinds of people who go to the theatre. This play's audience was mostly Independent readers and the infirm. The play itself was (like most plays) a little bit wonky, which no one ever admits due the pre-conception that theatre is a really clever thing to be doing, so god forbid you should point out how silly it is.

I'd recommend this play anyone who likes Derek Griffiths just for the fun you'll have trying to stop yourself shouting "Chockablock" at him.

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