Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Do you think I can retire off it?

Why hasn't anyone done this for the iPhone yet?


Adam said...

They have, I have it.

John said...

Ha ha ha you sad prick (sneers and all that).

But is it a picture of a girl, or a picture of a girl in a pen? which is what I was getting at. I imagined the latter, it being more in the spirit of the original. Looking at a girl's top sliding down on your phone is pathetic, but looking at a tiny picture of a 50s pin-up girl inside a pen on your phone would keep me amused for at least 9 minutes.

Let me guess: it's probably a Wonderbra ad, isn't it? No hang-on that'd be different - you'd tilt the phone all over the fucking place and it wouldn't budge and inch, right. Genius. See you at The Hilton and all that shite xx