Thursday, 3 September 2009

Content Flavoured Dichotomy

As all of you will have noticed, I'm an expert on pretty much everything. Especially this marketing/advertising/design lark/spree/gubbins. So whenever I open my wise old gob, pundits and academics alike put down their iphones, pick up their history-writing pens, push their glasses to the top of their noses, gather their colleagues, friends, pets and family around, and prepare to take note (in longhand).

This one's for you lot ok, so listen up.

It strikes me that the main reason that TV is so shit and horrible is that, because of its very nature, TV makes banal, everyday things appear exceptional. Subsequently, whenever TV does deal with exceptional things, they appear banal. Nowadays though, it also feels like the opposite is true of the internet: the internet makes exceptional things seem really fucking banal. I'm not sure if this is because content is limited by the form of internet, or its simply being lost/diluted in the epic data-smog of Web 2.0...

I'll just check my web-stats and see how lost all this actually is. Maybe there should be a "quality" rating on Google Analytics.

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