Monday, 14 September 2009

I'm a planner (and so is my wife).

The "project" me and Dre the donkey have been working on recently has become very fat and convoluted indeed. This is entirely due to planning.

The peculiar (some would say "maverick") structure of the project means that everyone at some point gets to be a planner - even me.

Unsurprisingly, being a planner is completely shit. And I always knew this to be the case (hence I made a conscious decision to be a creative instead), but now I've actually gone and proven it, which - lo and behold- is precisely what being a planner is all about: wasting lots of time proving yourself right.

If you like planning and enjoy going to meetings and talking in shit aphorisms all the time and fucking around with spreadsheets and reading pop-psychology books (and I bet you're all vegetarian too) and like spending time talking about other meetings you've had, and never actually having anything to show for your "work" except some Powerpoint slides and some tedious anecdotes, then Planning's definately for you.

Or if not, the civil service.

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