Thursday, 24 June 2010

This is the sort of thing you should Twitter about really but...

Has anyone else noticed how W+K London seem to have quite a lot of blogposts about people in the agency who dress the same?

Here's the latest one.

Now, that's not very fucking creative or imaginative is it. I mean, surely they should all dress like George Melly or Wilf Lunn (Prof. Heinz Wolff for suits). Going to work would be like attending some kind of dadaist convention from the 30s, with people in diving suits and women dressed as fish. Instead, they all just look the sort of preening townie cocksquirts you can find anywhere.

Anyway, top-button done or undone today?

1 comment:

andywhite said...

Fuck. I've got that shirt.

Mind you, I am a cocksquirt.