Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Advertising Feature

From the people who brought us the Twitter Glove and the Linkedin Business Garter, comes the ultimate in social net-wear.

IntroducingThe Facebook Mood Belt

38 inches of high quality full-hide leather you can synch to your Facebook status anytime and anywhere.

Feeling sad? Then let the whole world know by tightening it up a notch and posting an image of it to your profile page.

Maybe you enjoyed the party last night? Well, just loosen it off and update your status.

The Facebook Mood Belt's patented adjustable notch system offers a compelling metaphor for your innermost thoughts... in real-time! Live life though your belt and create a fascinating glimpse into your emotional state that'll become the talk of all your friends... AND THE INTERNET!

"Whoargh. Fishfingers for tea tonight. Down two I'd say!"

"I feel so ashamed... I should've worn it tighter."

"I wish he loved me... I must be punished with an extra-notch!"

"Job interview today. Time to take up the slack... Raaaarrrr!"

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