Wednesday, 13 January 2010

News from The Drum: McCann's neither confirm or deny rumour of them "all being crocodiles"

Rumours editor: Ernie Soils

Rumours surrounding rumour-splattered McCann's today shifted up a gear after no-one from the agency said anything at all after The Drum received a letter last week claiming that everyone within the agency was actually a crocodile.

The unsigned, hand-written note which was shoved through The Drum's letterbox last week, explained that members of McCann Erickson Communications "all turned into crocodiles once a week and thrashed around in a big paddling pool together, snapping their jaws." According to the source, this transformation takes place when no-one is looking and lasts about 5 minutes before they all go back to work as though nothing has happened. It's thought the note may have come from a concerned client who points out "It doesn't mention crocodiles in their [McCann's] mission statement."

In the interest of fairness, The Drum contacted McCann's as well as checking their mission statement; neither of which said anything about crocodiles.

We'll bring you the latest as it happens.