Thursday, 28 January 2010

Never Work

Creativity. It's everywhere. Feels as though you can't ruddy move for it these days.

In a culture hellbent on providing every tit and Herbert with an outlet for their "voice", and where freedom of expression is valued and encouraged far beyond anything you could objectively consider reasonable, finding stuff with any serious artistic clout, or cultural significance is becoming a right blimmin' shitter innit. There are more art galleries than rats in London. Fact. Shoreditch was declared the world's first Art Slum last week. The UN had to close down 1,000 pop-up galleries just to stop the whole place becoming really fucking boring.

So, based upon this trend of (what I'm gonna call) cultural obesity, I've now concluded that in a world filled to the back rafters with artists, creative-types, and wannabes, the most creative, original and trail-blazing thing one can do is...


From here on in I'm declaring myself an artist! An artist who's sole aim is to explore the non-artistic world by not doing anything creative at all. By fitting in and conforming. By being dull and plain and exceptionally fucking average.

By being nothing.

Only through these methods will we see and experience the world as it truly is.

(Maybe I'll start with getting a job in as an art worker or something... mwah ha ha ha mwahh ha ha haaaaaa)

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