Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Dave Trott's Snow Blog

Frozen to death en route to a D&AD turkey buffet, advertising legend Dave Trott's spirit is accidentally lodged inside a nearby snowman.

Trapped within a weather/advertising related limbo, his spirit must linger until such time as the ice melts and medics are able to re-start his heart.

This is his story...

As Douglas Adams might say, "don't panic".

It's me.

Dave Trott.


Haven't you ever read an ad blog by a snowman before?

It's no crazier than the weather we've been having.

And let's face it: advertising is as crazy today as the current band of low pressure.

This cold-snap's set to last longer than a client's lunch... and be twice as expensive.

We'll all be footing the bill.

But as the saying goes: don't travel unless it's absolutely necessary.

That's what we used to tell all the teams at Frosty Snowflake and Rudolph.

Without fail.

Year in.

Year out.

But we had one guy who just wouldn't listen.

An art director called Conrad Ogilvy III.

He was a genius.

The director loved him as much as the clients.

You could pitch a snowball at him and -

MEDIC'S VOICE: Mr. Trott? Can you hear me Mr. Trott? You've had a nasty fall, Mr. Trott... [NO RESPONSE] Christ, he's reminicsing... Call the crash team...

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