Monday, 25 January 2010

Do I Look Like I Give A Shit?

You know how it is. Brief comes in and the suits sit you down. This client is GREAT! they tell you. Amazing in fact. Brilliant guys with a brilliant product... An incredible, unique proposition. Problem is, no one's heard of'em.

So you spend hours, days, weeks, trying to empathize with the client. You meet his wife and his children. You go to dinner with them. Eventually, you even go on a canal holiday with them. But you still can't figure out why this client is any different to the rest of 'em. You still can't quite convince yourself to give a shit.

In other words, you still can't quite believe the hype you yourself have created. You catch yourself in the pub or at dinner parties telling people how great your client is and how aghast you are that no-one's ever heard of them. But still... deep down... do you really give a shit?

But then, do you need to give a shit? Or can you just fake it? Is empathy enough, or do you really need to feel their pain?

So. Play acting or method acting?

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