Friday, 29 January 2010

News from The Drum: Brochures 1, Catalogues 0

Back page scribe: Barry St. Edmonds

Brochures managed to scrape a badly needed victory against Catalogues last night, after being awarded extra pages in the dying moments.

A print room insider told The Drum that Brochures had been under considerable pressure after a diabolical performance last season, but managed to hold their own against local rivals Catalogues thanks to a last minute page substitution.

Catalogues went in hard during the first half, but conceded a goal despite their rival's smaller format. Glossy covers and informal style fought hard for Brochures with a DPS of coupons at half-time. But it was a surprise gate-fold flycover with die-cut edges that sent Catalogues packing.

Leaflets face Flyers next week in the 3rd round of the Bill Posters Cup.

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