Thursday, 18 December 2008

Secret Santa

Do you like unsavoury things? (Mmmm yes please!)
Do you like pornography? (Gulp. God yes!)
Do you like mischief? (Yelp!)

Then SHHH!TV's Secret Santa gift generator is the answer to your devious little prayers. Send crap or unpleasant (virtual) gifts to friends, colleagues, enemies, ex-wives, spurned lovers or the girl who just won't look at you (look at me, damn you! LOOK. AT. ME!!!!) from the comfort and anonymity of the internet.

Apart from some crappy words by yours truly, SSSH!TV also features the incredible talents of a whole bunch of smashing people who are far, far, far more talented than me. They know who they are. So big well dones for doing such an excellent job of bringing Santa to life, and a big fat thanks for letting me play.

Chappy Histmas y'all

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