Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sublime Vs. Ridiculous

Seems to be a lot of us ad-slags shitting on about Charlie Brooker's (excellent, I thought) Screenwipe advertising special, last week.

Top of people's Denials List ("No, no, it's just not like that!") is the show's assertion that advertising is mostly about pillaging YouTube and the internet for stuff to knick.

So, here's two reasons why we shouldn't pilfer off t'interweb:

1) An example of what YouTube is mostly filled with
2) An example of what the internet is mostly filled with

One is sublime and one is ridiculous. Although I'm not sure which way round they are.



There. Now anyone who can make an ad out of either of those wins a packet of custard creams.

And yes, that is who you think it is.