Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Terrifying Concepts

There must be someone you've always fancied having in your book, right. Sony? Nike, maybe? Everyone'd love to work on some big, cool, GLOBAL account, wouldn't they?

Well, let me tell you: they don't come much bigger, cooler or - er- global than Lockheed Martin Space Systems. With billion dollar budgets, international clients, and cutting-edge (literally) out-of-this-world products, Lockheed are the dog's bollocks, cat's pyjamas and wasp's tits all rolled into one great big pyjamaed bollock. With tits.

For instance, just take a look at this promo video for their Multiple Kill Vehicle MKV-L. It's... erm... well... See what you think. I'm guessing they made it look completely shit to confound enemies or something... maybe..? I mean it doesn't really look like a washing-up bottle with a couple of cans of Lynx taped to it, in real life. Oh, and the music's spot-on - I mean, nothing says "interstellar death machine" better than squirting 80's Midi-farts over some old CNN

I don't know which is more terrifying: the notion of the weapon itself, or the total indifference with which it's promoted.

Scary shit.

They should've done it like the Bodyform ad, shouldn't they.

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