Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Hello Santa. What's that in your sack - a glut of rubbish Christmas adverts? Whoopee! Just what we get every year.

Now, let's see which is your favourite. Is it Lowe's Christmas-on-prozac, maudlin-athon John Lewis campaign? Or TBWA's blink-and-you'll-miss-it 39p Co-Op clementines (or is that McCann's Aldi entry?) Maybe you're a fan of Richard Hammond's don't-spare-the-huskies cacky Crimbo Morrison's style (doesn't Denise Van Outen look like a white Chinese lady), or perhaps you've been enchanted by Katona Vs. Nolan's "Who ate all the pies!? They were my fucking pies anyway!" buffet wars for Iceland.

Up until now, my No.1 Christmas "comm" has been M&S's chilling "they were never seen alive again" backstory-to-a-slasher-movie, Take That and co. trapped in a country house gubbins (it's the grainy handheld footage that does it; gives it that real John Carpenter "this was all that was left" forboding). But last night it was blown clean out of the water by this: the Littlewood's Direct commercial.

For those of you haven't seen it, it's a brave and startlingly original piece of work , almost as if Peter Greenaway had been asked to direct a Disney film. It's also pant-pissingly (genuinely) funny. It starts off pretentiously, then goes fucking bonkers, then ends with a totally hysterical flourish. This is WCRS making Fallon look positively heavy-handed.

Oh, and that cat must be destined for great things.


Pieman said...

What was wrong with Tranny and Suzannah? They were great last year. And why have you taken down that post about the website with the words that you really liked and the picture of the incredible hulk? D you not like them any more?

John said...

Tranny's moustache grew back. Oh, and they got that weird upper-class thing about taking your clothes off all the time; being baudy and letcherous like a randy old colonel. Someone who's aim is to "Undress The Nation" shouldn't really be selling frocks should they. It's a conflict of interest.

As for the missing post, I must've pressed delete without realising. Well spotted. I shall rectify it forthwith. You know me Pieman, I never edit anything. Ever. Not for anyone. (Ahem) That would be dishonest, wouldn't it.

pisspoorenglish said...

I can just imagine you cackling away to that cat. You twisted sicko.

Do you want a TBWA christmas card?