Monday, 5 January 2009

Low-cation Low-cation Low-cation

NEW FOR 2009

Phil and Kirstie return to Channel 4 with a recession-friendly version of their popular property show.

This week, Steve and Dawn need help after Steve was made redundant earlier last year. Torn from his family and forced to seek work in the city, Steve's on the lookout for an economical pied a terre where he can mournfully masturbate into his Super-Noodles and weep himself to sleep. Meanwhile, Dawn's staying in rural Derbyshire with baby Louisa. They're after a two-bedroom terrace with a mains gas supply, close to Dawn's parents for when she finally puts her head in the oven and "cries for help."

NEXT WEEK: Kirstie helps Val and terminally ill hubby Richard find the perfect retreat for an assisted suicide.

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